Bitly pulls Josephson from Patch for CEO job

Bitly has named a new CEO, Mark Josephson, according to a Tuesday blog post from the link-shortening and social-discovery company. The announcement comes almost five months after Bitly said Peter Stern was vacating the CEO position.

Josephson previously headed up marketing and revenue at Aol’s (s aol) Patch. He got there through Aol’s acquisition of, where he was CEO, according to the Bitly announcement. Here’s his canned statement:

“The team at Bitly is world class and I am excited to join them. Bitly has achieved true web scale by providing an essential service that makes the entire internet work better. Bitly’s potential is even bigger though, because it is positioned to add significant value — in the form of intelligence on top of its unique data set — to consumers,marketers and publishers. I can’t wait to work with the team at Bitly and our investors to make it happen.”

The news follow closely on the departure of Hilary Mason, who was helping with leadership duties and also was the company’s chief scientist. Mason is a relatively high-profile figure in the data-science world and will be a tough person for Bitly to replace.

Bitly came out with an API in January, and last year it went through a redesign and rolled out an iPhone app.