MLB starts to stream games live on YouTube… outside of the US and Canada

Major League Baseball is now streaming two games per day live on YouTube, (s GOOG) for free – but most of our readers likely won’t be able to tune in: MLB’s live streams will be restricted to users outside of the US, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

However, the league will also add highlight clips from in-season games two days after they air on TV, and those highlights will be available to everyone. Also available on MLB’s revamped YouTube channel: Thousands of archive clips from’s “Baseball’s Best Moments.”

Of course, MLB has been streaming in-season games to U.S. viewers who are willing to pay for some time: MLB TV’s premium package currently costs around $130 per year. However, even that likely won’t get you the games you really want to watch: In-market games of your local team are blacked out and only air on TV.