Teradata to connect Hadoop and data warehouses, roll out new appliance

Teradata (s tdc) on Monday said it will let data-warehouse appliance owners quickly and easily supplement analysis of data stored in the appliance with data processed in Hadoop. The idea is to make it easier for more users to benefit from Hadoop and keep performance high.

Teradata also announced the new Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 6700, which comes with fast Mellanox InfiniBand networking gear and Intel (s intc) Xeon X5 processors The box provides 40 percent better compute performance than the previous model, the 6690, and can handle up to 61 petabytes of data.

Teradata’s Enterprise Access to Hadoop is easier to use than mere Hadoop connectors, said Chris Twogood, vice president of product and services marketing. Business analysts can easily transfer data easily on their own, without calling on Hadoop experts, he said. At the same time, mission-critical data can stay inside the data warehouse and other data, such as tweets and log files, can stay in the Hadoop cluster.

The connection between a data warehouse and Hadoop distribution is helped along by a partnership Teradata formed with Hortonworks last year.

Several other vendors offer support for running SQL queries on Hadoop, including EMC’s (s emc) Greenplum, IBM’s (s ibm) Netezza and Microsoft (s msft) with its SQL Server. One moving part here is whether to split up appliances for data warehousing and Hadoop implementations. For Teradata, the answer to the splitting question is a resounding yes. With customers as large as Apple, (s aapl) eBay (s ebay) and Wal-Mart (s wmt) running the company’s gear, the Teradata way should hang around for a while.