Fisker lawsuits piling up, another from its web designer over alleged unpaid bills

Following a lawsuit over not paying rent for the month of April, electric startup Fisker Automotive was hit with another lawsuit on Friday. Filed in Orange County Superior Court, Fisker’s web site and mobile designer Ignited is suing Fisker over an alleged $535K in unpaid bills (embedded below).

Ignited says it provided Fisker with creative services, advertising, web design, and creative and media buying services. Along with the lawsuit from Fisker’s landlord, the company was also served a class action lawsuit for laying off 75 percent of its workforce, and allegedly not giving the former employees 60 days notice (which would violate the WARN Act). So that’s three lawsuits filed against Fisker this month, and I have a hunch there’ll be more coming.

Fisker website

Fisker appears to be close to bankruptcy and according to Reuters last week, the company hired a firm to look into bankruptcy, and could file at any time. Fisker’s founders have also been asked to attend a hearing on April 24 in Washington D.C., organized by House Republicans. Fisker drew down on close to $200 million in a government loan from the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program.

Fisker raised at least $1.2 billion in funds over the company’s five and half year lifetime. Fisker was backed by venture firms Kleiner Perkins (Ray Lane was a board member) and NEA, and worked with now-defunct broker Advanced Equities.

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