The Hadoop ecosystem: the (welcome) elephant in the room (infographic)

To say Hadoop has become really big business would be to understate the case. At a broad level, it’s the focal point of a immense big data movement, but Hadoop itself is now a software and services market of its very own. In this graphic, we aim to map out the current ecosystem of Hadoop software and services — application and infrastructure software, as well as open source projects — and where those products fall in terms of use cases and delivery model. Click on a company name for more information about how they are using this technology.

A couple of points about the methodology might be valuable: The first is that these are products and projects that are built with Hadoop in mind and that aim to either extend its utility in some way or expose its core functions in a new manner. Another is that the “Hadoop Repackaged” category is used to characterize companies that are reselling Hadoop in some way (e.g., in an appliance or as part of their existing product suites) but that haven’t developed their own technology at the Hadoop level and instead rely on existing distribution software from companies such as Hortonworks or Cloudera.

This is the second installment of our four-part series on the past, present and future of Hadoop. Part I is the history of Hadoop from the people who willed it into existence and took it mainstream. Part III will look into the future of Hadoop and serve as an opening salvo for much of the discussion at our Structure: Data conference March 20-21 in New York. Finally, part IV will highlight some the best Hadoop applications and seminal moments in Hadoop history, as reported by GigaOM over the years.