Video: Take a tour of YouTube’s super cool production Space in LA

YouTube (s GOOG) opened up a state-of-the-art production facility in Los Angeles and recently gave us a grand tour. The “YouTube Space,” as it’s officially called, is 41,000 square feet with soundstages, professional green screens, a theater style screening room with a 4k projector, and the highest end equipment that any burgeoning — or actual — Steven Spielberg would love.

Each quarter, YouTube selects a new cohort of content creators to come in and have full reign over the facility at no cost for three months. The Space is meant to be a collaborative place where YouTube creators can come together, work with and learn from each other. Oh, and YouTube wouldn’t mind if they produced higher-end content for the video giant to monetize.

We got the nickel tour of the (very impressive) facility and brought along our video camera to give you an inside peek.