Verizon says LTE now touches 89% of the population

I’ll give Verizon this: it doesn’t pussy-foot around. In his CES 2013 keynote, Verizon(s vz) chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam revealed that its LTE network now covers 89 percent of the U.S. population. In two years, Verizon’s 4G network had gone from nothing to 473 markets, touching 273 million people.

Verizon plans to finish its network build in mid 2013, six months ahead of schedule, offering LTE everywhere it has 3G coverage. That puts it well ahead of all of its U.S. competitors. AT&T’s LTE network covers about 170 million people, Sprint’s LTE rollout is just getting started, and we won’t see a T-Mobile LTE signal until right about the time Verizon completes its LTE rollout.