Runkeeper gets sleek with update to 3.0

Runkeeper, like any good runner, is trying to improve on its performance and achieve a quicker stride. The fitness tracking app is taking a significant step toward that Monday with the release of version 3.0 for iOS (s aapl), which provides an overhauled redesign that extends down to a cleaned-up codebase.

RunkeeperThe result is a sleeker user experience and an upgraded platform that will mean even faster updates in the future. Here’s a look at some of the improvements in 3.0, which is coming to Android (s goog) soon.

The overall look, which de-emphasizes bold colors, has been cleaned up to create a more consistent UI that is easier to read and navigate. Users can now share in-app photos to Facebook (s fb) and Twitter more easily at any time during their workout. Runkeeper photos are integrated with Twitter’s card system. It’s all part of an improved sharing and end-of-workout experience on Runkeeper.

Runkeeper Elite users ($19.99 per year) can also enable live activity tracking so friends can follow a user’s progress. Signing up for Elite is also now enabled right from the app. The new Runkeeper also does a better job incorporating improvements over the last year such as the ability to track progress against set goals and compete with friends in the app.

runkeeper3.02Under the hood, Runkeeper touched up every page in the app as part of an overhaul of the codebase. By refactoring the code, Runkeeper can boost the performance of the app and push out new releases much faster.

RunKeeper CEO Jason Jacobs said the redesign touched almost every employee at the company, which has grown to 38 people, up from 12 a year ago. He said hitting this release on time gives the company confidence it can maintain an aggressive timeline into 2013, as it plans a lot more improvements.

The company, one of the first GPS tracking fitness apps for the iPhone, continues to grind away, thanks in part to $10 million raised a little over a year ago. It’s now up to 14 million users, with half a million new users jumping onboard each month. With the New Year upon us, the update to 3.0 should get a lot of new sign-ups from resolution-setting users.