iPad mini: A first video look at Apple’s small tablet

I jokingly said today that the iPad(s aapl) mini is here almost two years after I really wanted it. Props to Apple for realizing what I saw back then: The form-factor of a small portable tablet can be a desirable feature. My iPad mini arrived today, so here’s a video look and my first impressions of the new device. I bought a 16 GB Wi-Fi model for $329 but you can increase the storage or add mobile broadband capability as additional options.


Although I’ve only just started using the iPad mini, there isn’t much new in the experience because it runs all of the apps that any iPad can run. That’s a good thing. The camera quality is better than I expected so far and because the tablet is so light and thin, I could envision myself taking it everywhere; just as I did my with Nexus 7(s goog) tablet.

So is the 1024 x 768 screen resolution an issue? Not as much as you’d think, even though that’s the same resolution as the first and second iPad models. As I explain in the video, cramming the same number of pixels into a small screen adds some clarity. It’s no Retina Display, but it’s better than the first two iPads.