Video look at Microsoft Surface RT: Quite impressive

After spending most of the day at Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch event, I spent about 30 minutes with a Microsoft(s msft) Surface RT tablet and then received a review unit. I’ll be using it full time for the next week — in the place of my Chromebook (s goog) and MacBook Air (s aapl) — and I’m already impressed by the build quality. Here’s a quick video overview of the hardware so you can get a first impression.


The thin Touch Cover seems accurate and effective after just a few minutes of typing, and of course, the the Type Cover is better as it’s more like a real keyboard. The hardware is thin and despite some early misgivings some may have had with a 1366 x 768 display, it’s bright, vibrant and clear. Have I seen better? Sure, but I’ve seen far worse as well. Now it’s on to set up the software and services to see what I can, or can’t, do with this Surface RT tablet!