Commutist Podcast: Boxee cloud DVR, Apple rumors, Surface and Chromebook

Starting today’s audio podcast is a blend of new and old: Janko Roettgers explains how Boxee’s new product works while Kevin shares a bit of HDTV  tuner box history. With Apple’s media event next week, now’s a good time for Erica Ogg to share thoughts on the latest possible Apple product news.

Mac mini, Retina Display on a 13-inch MacBook Pro and iMac upgrades are all in the mix but will they take backstage to a smaller Apple iPad? Hopefully, they’ll help folks forget this week’s EPEAT fiasco. And Kevin talks about the different messages Microsoft and Google are sending out about their respective products: Surface with Windows RT and a $249 Chromebook that runs on smartphone-like chips.


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0:00:00 – 0:05:20 — What’s Boxee’s cloud DVR all about and is it worth it?

0:05:20 – 0:11:00 – A roundup of the latest Apple whispers and iPad Mini thoughts

0:11:00 – 0:13:30 – Maybe EPEAT certification isn’t all that after all

0:13:30 – 0:16:30 – Microsoft’s reasons for Surface haven’t really…. surfaced

0:16:30 — 0:21:30– A new Chromebook at a low price  could get ChromeOS moving forward


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