Do not track at your own risk

The headline of this story in Advertising Age reads: “Microsoft Takes Heat From Coke, P&G For ‘Do Not Track’ Browser.” Yet, several paragraphs into the piece:

Asked if the controversy would affect his advertising relationship with Microsoft, P&G Global Brand-Building Officer Marc Pritchard replied: “Nah.”

The Coke exec doesn’t exactly take Microsoft to the toolshed, either. I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft were hearing some grief from advertisers, even if they and publishers are using industry organizations like the ANA to express their discontent. A default Do Not Track setting does potentially throw off the mechanisms for ad targeting, especially from third-party networks and data providers.

Microsoft’s attempt to take the privacy high ground may ultimately alienate some advertisers, but the media seems to be blowing this story up a bit. After all, no one’s decided how the Do Not Track policies actually work yet.