Commutist podcast: Apple’s iO-mess, dirty data centers and Tesla

Do you know the way to San Jose? Apple Maps might not and has made an iO-Mess of the company’s new operating system launch, Tom Krazit stops by the Commutist podcast to point us in the right direction on the topic. And our cleantech editor, Katie Fehrenbacher, talks about the controversy over a New York Times piece on dirty data centers as well as Tesla’s supercharger and slow production. But wait, there’s more, we also talk with Alec Saunders, the guy behind Blackberry’s long-distance REO Speedwagon dedication to devs.


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Hosts: Chris Albrecht and Erica Ogg

0:00:00 – 0:14:42 – Do you know where you’re going to? Will Apple Maps be the one that’s showing you?

0:14:43 – 0:24:27 – What’s the deal with dirty data centers?

0:24:28 – 0:26:44 – the Commutist is sponsored this week by the GigaOM RoadMap conference.

0:26:45 – 0:33:40 – Tesla supercharges your car, but not its production

0:33:41 – Parting gifts:

Katie has a good experience with both SideCar and Lyft car services.

Erica says don’t throw out the case for the new earpods! Keep it around for handy, tangle-free storage.

Chris talks with Alec Saunders of Blackberry’s super sincere version of REO Speedwagon’s Keep On Lovin’ You.


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