Manufacturing Yahoo strategy news

Does it strike you as a cheap trick to release a year-old strategy document created by an exec who’s no longer there for a CEO who’s long gone and say, Hey, this might be what Yahoo’s going to do, or, Uh-oh, Yahoo doesn’t have a strategy because what’s leaked hints at this old one? I guess that’s what happens when a company cracks down on unofficial communications. And Yahoo’s no Apple.

A revived text-ad contextual display network wouldn’t be high on my priorities list for a Yahoo turnaround. At best, it might be a complementary effort to what Yahoo needs to really focus on: brand advertising. This new initiative from Time Inc., that uses glitzy AOL ad formats that blend advertising and content from name brands like People, Real Simple, Sports Illustrated, and InStyle is the kind of thing that Yahoo should be inventing.

Yahoo content categories like news, sports, finance, and women may not give advertisers that automatic warm brand-y feeling, but they just happen to be online category leaders. That’s not boring. It’s reach and target-ability.