Today in Social

I know you’re all excited about Mobilize, but anyone in the Bay Area this week can’t help but trip over Dreamforce. (Hey, I’m staying out by the airport myself.) Salesforce’s massive event is generating a lot of announcements, many with delivery dates for products and services that are pretty far out there. Lots of digerati talk about Chatterbox – because it’s a Dropbox or Box wannabe. But that’s a relatively minor offering in a brutally competitive space, and not even testing till next year. In contrast, Identity could be a huge deal because Salesforce is one of the few credible players to try to offer professional identity management. Yet it’s very vague right now. If Salesforce’s next billion-dollar business is marketing technology, the biggest near-term deal is its so-called Marketing Cloud, that rolls up Radian6 and Buddy Media services with Chatter bolted on. Compare our recent analysis on Listening Platforms.