Today in Social

Twitter explicitly laid out some of its terms and conditions for third-party developers that want to continue to use its APIs. It illustrated a 2×2 chart of where it encourages developers to go and where it will cut them off, and it specifically called out Twitter clients Tweetbot and Echofon as undesirables. Twitter wants its ecosystem to have a collection of analytics, influence analysis, media integration, and social CRM. But it wants to tightly control how tweets are displayed and syndicated. That broke its LinkedIn agreement, but what about Facebook? Facebook users can import tweets and mingle them with other content, which presumably is forbidden under the new terms. And by capping frequencies and volumes of API calls and endpoints, Twitter seemed to limit just how big third-party apps can get. Has Twitter gone too far? Can it better thrive as a business within this system? Take our survey, and watch for our analysis.