Fab plays up social in new mobile app, adds Facebook Connect

About two months after rolling out Fab 3.0 for the web, the company is releasing a new version of its mobile app.

Announced Thursday, the app takes the social commerce features in Fab‘s new web experience and optimizes them for mobile. The design-centric shopping site also announced that it was adding Facebook connect so users can login to Fab with their Facebook (s FB) accounts to simplify sharing their favorite finds with friends.

With the new app, users can now see the live feed of the most recent products purchased and favorited by other users, they can filter the feed to just see the most popular recent activities and they can browse the recent activities of their friends.

“We think this new set of mobile social commerce features raises the bar on social product discovery, wherever you are,” Jason Goldberg, Fab’s founder and CEO, wrote on his blog.

Goldberg also released some interesting stats on the state of mobile and social commerce on Fab, including that:

  • 50 percent of its 5.5 million members joined from social sharing
  • more than 20 percent of Fab’s daily traffic comes from social
  • The live feed, which is one of the most popular features on Fab, is one of the biggest conversion drivers from visit to purchase
  • People who use social features on Fab continue on to purchase more than twice as much as Fab members who don’t use social features
  • 30 to 40 percent of Fab’s daily visits come from mobile apps on iOS (s aapl)  and Android (s goog)
  • Fab mobile users convert to purchase more than twice as often as web-only users, and they purchase twice as often

In his post, Goldberg also said that this was “just the start” and that Fab had much more in store in the weeks and months ahead on both the mobile and social fronts. And, with the $105 million in new funding the company announced last week, it certainly has the cash to do it.