Bed Battles wants to make waking up … social?

Can you be social before you have your first cup of coffee? Bed Battles thinks so, and it wants you to enlist your friends to get out of bed sooner. The web app lets friends challenge each other to wake up on time by sending each other text messages. The message will prompt you to visit the Bed Battles website and play a little game to prove you’re actually awake.

At least that’s the theory. Bed Battles is one of many projects coming out of this weekend’s Hack & Jill hackathon in New York. The project was still in development when I stumbled across it on Twitter Saturday afternoon, so I couldn’t really test it in action yet. But the concept alone sounded too much fun to not at least mention here: Gamification as a way to make something as unpleasant as getting up early less of a drag? Count me in.

Hack and Jill by the way has an interesting concept. From its website:

“Hack’n Jill brings together equal numbers of men and women for a day of hacking. Our theme is #HackYourSummer. Think about what makes summer great — from going out and being active to chilling at home with friends — and be inspired to make it even better.”

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