Dozens of Fisker’s electric Karma car land in U.S.

Close to forty of Fisker’s first electric car the Karma were shipped to the U.S. this weekend from a factory in Finland, according to VentureWire. While this summer a couple of the Karmas were delivered to the first customers in the U.S. (like investor Ray Lane), the rest of the shipments were delayed, because the car had yet to pass certification from the Environmental Protection Agency, and the California Air Resources Board.

VentureWire also reports that the Karma has now been certified by the EPA, and Fisker is expecting to get approval from CARB this week. Despite the delay on the Karma, Fisker is already talking about its second car, Project Nina, which will come with engines and other parts by auto giant BMW. Fisker says it plans to start assembling Project Nina in its Wilmington, Del., plant at the end of 2012, with sales beginning in 2013.

Instead of opting for an IPO, Fisker continues to raise money from private investors, and is in the process of raising another $150 million round. VentureWire says that Kleiner’s Lane said Fisker chose to prove out that it can produce and sell cars before attempting an IPO.

Here’s my video of Lane’s Karma: