Next iPhone already available for preorder

Despite the fact that the next iPhone (s aapl) hasn’t yet been officially announced, that hasn’t stopped one retailer from beginning to accept preorders for the mystery device.

German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, the firm behind the T-Mobile brand, confirmed that customers will be able to reserve Apple’s next iPhone as of Monday, according to a Bloomberg report.

Deutsche Telekom spokesman Alexander von Schmettow told Bloomberg that the company is allowing their customers to preorder the phone now because of the anticipated demand for the future device. The plan is designed to avoid a “supply bottleneck”‘ when the next iPhone does finally arrive, whenever that may be.

Customers who choose to reserve the unannounced smartphone will be given a coupon from the communications operator. However, the preorder coupon that Deutsche Telekom users receive will of course include no product details, device name or release date information.

The German firm is not the only retailer to prepare for the presumed fast-approaching launch of the next iPhone. A recent BGR report says that U.S. Best Buy (s bby) stores are also currently making arrangements for the arrival of the rumored “iPhone 5.”

No matter what moves retailers are making, it seems clear that they’re acting on speculation and not on facts. As MacRumors points out, Apple is known for keeping partners out of the loop in regard to releasing plans right up until an official announcement is made.

In other words, it’s only official when it’s official, but everyone, including Apple’s carrier partners, are getting impatient for a release.