Today in Cleantech

We’ve got another contender for energy efficiency-based disruptor to the server and data center market. Tilera, maker of massively multicore chips that it says can outperform Intel x86-based servers on several efficiency measures, has just gotten a stamp of approval from Facebook. The social media giant tested Tilera’s 64-core specialty chips’ abilities using a common data center application dubbed Memcached, and compared the results to Intel four-core and AMD eight-core based servers. For companies like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and Craigslist that use Memcached to speed up responses to data queries by keeping data stored in memory, rather than on hard drives, that’s an important measure of efficiency. While Tilera hasn’t said whether Facebook has been using, or will start buying, its servers based on this newly reported capability, it does serve as an important proving point for the company’s concepts.