Paperlinks Launches Business-friendly QR Code Service

QR code innovator Paperlinks has announced a new landing page offering called Paperlinks for Business. The new product lets businesses create printed goods with a custom QR code that will lead people to a mobile-friendly website.

From the consumer’s standpoint, all one needs to do is scan any Paperlinks-generated QR code they encounter using a smartphone. The user will immediately be led to a custom mobile site with the originating company’s branding containing links to key information and sites. A Paperlinks QR code can be scanned with Paperlinks iPhone app or any standard QR code reader app for iPhone (s aapl), Android (s goog), Palm (s hpq), or BlackBerry (s rimm), among others.

Within your Paperlinks account, you can build your company’s custom mobile landing page by dragging and dropping modules to add or remove content. Current modules include:

  • Introduction for background information about your company
  • Contact allowing customers to save your contact information to their phone’s address book
  • Photos to display a gallery of images such as products within the app
  • Video to display an uploaded video (up to 80MB) or point to a video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or another video site
  • Comments to allow your customers to post messages that you can view and moderate straight from the Paperlinks app
  • Promotion Offer where you can request customer email addresses to provide them with a special or promotion of some kind
  • Twitter Feed to display your feed and allow people to follow you on Twitter (a Facebook module is in the works)
  • Download from iTunes link leading straight to the iTunes app store (this can also lead to the Android Marketplace).

Paperlinks for Business also offers a dashboard where you can view analytics straight from the app or on the website that provides aggregate data on when and where your Paperlinks have been scanned. While not available at launch, there will eventually be a map illustrating the geographic data as well as anonymized data about who is scanning your Papaerlinks. Right now, you can update your Paperlinks campaign only through the Paperinks website.

Practical Uses for QR Codes

So how does a company integrate QR codes into its printed materials? Some immediate business uses that seem like a natural fit include:

  • Company event invitations
  • Handouts or signage at expos, tradeshows and conferences
  • Company annual reports or newsletters
  • Company mailers and direct marketing materials
  • Company letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, business cards
  • Product packaging and labels
  • Promotional items such as notepads, stickers and buttons

Paperlinks accounts for larger organizations include multiple campaigns, access to all 12 modules, personalized subdomain for individual client access, and a fuller analytics dashboard. Pricing is based on the size and type of campaigns you want to run; you’ll need to contact Paperlinks directly. A campaign is any printing project that you want associated with a Paperlink, such as business card, printed promotional material or product packaging.

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