PalmPad: HP Slate in Palm Clothing?

Fox News (s nws) is reporting today that HP/Palm (hpq) is preparing to release the “PalmPad” next month at CES. This tablet is to be HP’s first slate bearing the webOS it acquired along with the rest of Palm this year. The Fox story is accompanied by an “exclusive” diagram showing the new PalmPad. I thought the diagram looked familiar, and a brief investigation proved why. It’s the same diagram pitched by HP back in October of the then unreleased HP Slate running Windows 7, as verified by CNET (s cbs). The name has changed, but the slate’s the same.

Does this mean HP is releasing the PalmPad using the same hardware as the HP Slate? That’s not likely, as a webOS device would be better served without Intel (s intc) inside. You’d also think HP/Palm would make a big splash with a major announcement such as the first webOS tablet, but the buzz on Twitter matches what I had already heard, that Palm will be quiet at CES.

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