Home Health Monitoring is Big Business

Remote health monitoring generated €7.6 billion ($10.01 billion USD) globally in 2010, an amount destined to grow as this nascent area of healthcare is used more heavily in the future. Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cardiac conditions and asthma are successfully treated with home monitoring using mobile technology, according to a research report by Berg Insight.

Home healthcare is becoming a cost-effective option for treating chronic health conditions, due to advancements in mobile healthcare (mHealth) technology. Simple monitors connect the patient at home with medical facilities using mobile networks. Healthcare providers can monitor patients in real-time anywhere a mobile connection is available. Caring for the patient at home provides a better environment for the patient, and an effective use of healthcare facilities.

Smartphone apps are beginning to play a role in home healthcare, and such usage should continue to evolve as long as regulating authorities stay out of the way. The benefits gained by such apps are already coming to the attention of the healthcare industry, and with big money in the pot as evidenced by the Berg report, third-party development of such apps should continue. Home health monitoring is an exciting use of mobile technology, and practice should grow as mobile networks become more prevalent worldwide.

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