YouTube Enables 10-Foot Browsing With Remote Android App

YouTube (s GOOG) today announced the launch of YouTube Remote, an app for Android phones that will allow users to navigate YouTube Leanback with a ten foot experience. The app is available from the Android store beginning at 12:00 p.m. PT today.

While most Leanback users are currently on Google TV, the app will work with any computer with a full browser and Flash. The key is to log into YouTube on both the mobile device as well as Leanback.

YouTube Remote will initially only be available for Google’s Android OS; plans to include other platforms are in place. According to product manager Kuan Yong, while YouTube Remote is currently a separate app from the standard YouTube mobile browser, the plan is to merge the two once YouTube Remote exits beta. “We want to get this experience out across all YouTube apps,” Yong said.

One advantage that the YouTube Remote has over other remote controls is that all the navigation takes place on the handheld device, as opposed to juggling one’s attention between the remote and the television, which decreases eye strain.

Said Yong, “Only the active stuff happens on the phone, and only the passive stuff happens on the TV.”

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