Is Broadcast TV Dead? Find Out in Two Weeks at NewTeeVee Live!

We are watching one of the largest market shifts in the content industry. It’s like a high-stakes poker game, and we just can’t tear ourselves away. In two weeks, NewTeeVee Live will bring together TV and video industry insiders and dealmakers to talk about the winners, the losers, and the moves that will change where, when, and how we watch TV. Google, Fox, BitTorrent, Twitter, NBA Digital, Samsung and many more will have a seat at the table.

GigaOM editors and Pro analysts will lead this lively discussion on how television is being reinvented before our very eyes.

Speakers include:

  • Jason Kilar, CEO, Hulu
  • Kevin Lynch, CTO, Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • Hunter Walk, Director Product Management, YouTube
  • Bram Cohen, Chief Scientist and Co-founder, BitTorrent
  • Rishi Chandra, Product Lead, Google TV, Google
  • Bryan Perez, SVP and GM, NBA Digital
  • Tim Kring, Storyteller, TKE imperative
  • Carlton Cuse, Writer and Executive Producer, Carlton Cuse Productions
  • Cheryl Idell, EVP, Media Product Leadership, The Nielsen Company

Topics include:

  • One Platform for Many Screens: The Cloud
  • Vevo and The Rise of the Music Video
  • The Global Watercooler: Making TV Social Again
  • The Age of App TV Is Coming
  • Convergence’s Missing Link: The Set-Top Box and the Mobile Gap
  • The NBA’s Multiscreen Slam Dunk
  • 600% Growth and Growing: The Live Streaming Panel

See the full agenda here. Spots are limited! Claim yours now.