Mobilize: Live Coverage

Today the GigaOM crew will be coming to you live from Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco with coverage of our third annual conference devoted to all things mobile, Mobilize. Kevin Tofel, our senior writer at GigaOM will be Master of Ceremonies, while the rest of the GigaOM crew will be live-blogging the panels and keynotes. You can click here for a live video stream (it’s also embedded below; just click play) as well as access the archives of each session. So check back often, or watch it the whole way through and enjoy.

Watch live streaming video from gigaomtv at

Live-blogged stories from the show:

  1. Data Networks Are Getting Smarter
  2. The Next Big Idea
  3. To NFC or Not to NFC
  4. Microsoft Sells Developers on Windows Phone 7
  5. Ford Embraces the Cell Phone
  6. Qualcomm Says It’s the Processor, Stupid
  7. Negroponte Sees Tablets as Creative Tool
  8. San Francisco To Get LTE by Year’s End
  9. Native Mobile Apps Will Be With Us For Some Time
  10. Down With Feature Creep, Says Yves Behar
  11. Don’t Build Devices, Build Service Avatars
  12. Touch Has Won the Interface War
  13. Virtualization on the Go
  14. Distribution Is Pain Point For Mobile Apps
  15. Unity and StartTalking Win GigaOM’s Mobilize Launchpad 2010