4GWE Conference Explores the Wireless Ecosystem’s Evolution to a 4G Platform

It’s nearly impossible to overstate how the Internet has changed our lives over the past 15 years. Obviously, it’s still all about the Internet, but it’s now the mobile Internet. The Mobile Internet is progressing so fast, it’s revolutionizing the entire framework of communications. Are you prepared to exploit the opportunities the Mobile Internet is creating? Do you have the right contacts? Are you “in the know?”

This is precisely the goal of 4GWE: to provide attendees with a clear understanding of the technology that will enable the fourth-generation mobile Internet so opportunities can be exploited. The 4GWE Conference, taking place in Los Angeles, Oct. 4-6, 2010  will focus on how the wireless ecosystem will evolve to a 4G platform in order to satisfy the insatiable demand for wireless broadband services. 4GWE key conference themes include: how carriers will expand the capacity and coverage of their wireless networks to keep up with wireless demand, how carriers can add features and functionality to their networks to add value to mobile applications, the impact of the National Broadband Plan on the wireless industry and what applications will continue to drive broadband demand, and how 4G will enable applications such as video, and multi-player/ multimedia gaming. Participating companies include; Verizon, Clearwire, Qwest, AT&T, Sprint,  Motorola,  Alvarion, GSMA, Qualcomm and more.

For complete event information, visit here. Register here and include priority code GIGA for a 20% discount.