T-Mobile Won’t Tax Twitter Texts But Will Hike Prices

T-Mobile USA finally divulged a little information on its impending pricing change for text messaging, saying the move affects only the messaging aggregators that serve as a kind of middleman between businesses and carriers. So while countless companies will be affected by the change, those with direct relationships with T-Mobile — a group that includes Facebook and Twitter — will not see any increase in pricing. The carrier also said that labeling the move “simply as a price increase” isn’t entirely accurate, because the change is part of a restructured agreement with aggregators.

The mobile search company ChaCha yesterday said it would stop delivering messages to T-Mobile users if the carrier moved ahead with the price change, and other companies have publicly blasted T-Mobile’s move. The outcry seems to have died down, though, and it’s likely the new pricing structure will be implemented Oct. 1, as planned. As businesses’ use of text messaging continues to ramp up, we may see other carriers raise their rates in response.

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Image courtesy Flickr user TheTruthAbout.