NewTeeVee Live 2010 — Television Reinvented

Lindsay Campbell at NTVLFrom touchable TV screens to in-home 3D imaging, television and the way we view it has been reinvented. Today’s computer mouse has replaced yesterday’s TV remote, and the lap or the hand has become the TV stand. As the digital and technological barriers between televisions and computers blur, the picture for the digital video industry begins to come into focus.

NewTeeVee Live, produced by GigaOM, is the online video industry’s flagship event with a strong heritage, top-tier speakers and unparalleled atmosphere.

Topics include:

  • Cutting the cord. With the rise of ubiquitous broadband, viewers are now watching popular shows online.
  • Streaming HD. It’s great for the viewer, but hard on the network. Which technologies will lighten the load?
  • Touch TV. What impact will the iPad and similar devices have on TV? Will they herald a new wave of content formats, audience, innovation and commerce?
  • Google TV. Why might the partnership between Google and YouTube succeed where others have failed?
  • Multiplatform Storytelling. People are now watching shows on every device. How is this endpoint proliferation transforming both mainstream television and web-only content?
  • 3-D in the home. Will the success of Avatar translate to the small screen?

For more information on the conference, speakers and topics, see details here. Attend NewTeeVee Live and see what we see.

Earlybird pricing ends Saturday. Save $200 off when you register by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 11.