Meet Angry Birds the Next Big Entertainment Franchise (Video)

It has taken me nearly four hours to write this post! Ironically, you can blame it on Angry Birds, the super addictive game that has become the top iPhone app in the world. I am a late comer to the bird bash — but in the last few days, it has become a massive time sink. I can hear birds squawking in my sleep. I am seeing the green pigs dance in front of my eyes. I am addicted to Angry Birds.

I tweeted about my addiction and folks from Rovio Mobile, the Helsinki, Finland-based creator of the app got back to me. I ended up inviting CEO Mikael Hed and Peter Vesterbacka, who is cutely titled Mighty Eagle (a forthcoming character), to our offices and we talked about Angry Birds, which has been sold 7 million times and may turn into an entertainment franchise to rival SpongeBob. There are rumors of a movie. A line of soft toys is definitely in the works.

Hed, Vesterbacka and I talked about how the seven-year-old company became an overnight success and he offered tips to become a top iPhone developer. While you watch the video, I’m going back to playing level 6!

Video edited and produced by Chris Albrecht.


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