iPhone 4 Antenna Fix Coming in Sept. Says Carrier Exec

Marco Quatorze, an executive with the Mexican carrier Telcel, has suggested that the iPhone 4 could see some desired hardware changes very soon.

According to the report from Mexican technology site CamelMX, the Telcel executive claimed that the iPhone 4’s antenna design may see manufacturing revisions — revisions which would aim to fix the widely reported signal attenuation issue.

The report also suggested that the updated handset, which is claimed to be free of antenna problems and the need for a case, may be made available once Apple’s current solution, the iPhone 4 Case Program, had come to a close at the end of September.

Whether or not a carrier partner such as Telcel would be privy to information of this sort ahead of time is unknown. Considering that Apple is notorious for its secretive nature, and that claims such as these have been wrong in the past, it’s easy to cast doubt over the legitimacy of Quatorze’s claims and chalk them up as mere speculation.

However, it’s worth remembering that when Apple first announced the iPhone 4 Case Program in July, it also commented that the engineers at Cupertino would be continuing to look at the antenna issue, reassessing the effectiveness of the current situation.

Whether Quatorze’s claims are fact or just purely speculation, it’s not the first time that hardware changes have been suggested.

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