Over 250,000 Apps Now in the App Store

Apple’s (s aapl) App Store now offers a selection of over a quarter of a million apps — a record reached in just a little over two years since the App Store first opened its digital doors.

The 250,000 milestone, a figure which Apple will no doubt mention at its upcoming September 1 media-event, was recorded by 148Apps, who released the newly collected data this weekend. Its numbers detailed that over 50,000 developers are now actively working on the iOS platform, with them submitting an average of 626 applications per day. Further insight revealed that the average price of a paid application is now $2.67.

148Apps new data noted that Apple’s App Store now plays host to exactly 252,227 iPad and iPhone applications. This sizable figure paints a vibrant picture of the success of Apple’s application store, which dwarfs the competition by a large margin. The second largest application store is Google’s (s goog) Android Market, which is estimated to have around 100,000 applications available. Other application stores, including BlackBerry’s (s rimm) and Nokia’s (s nok), have a significantly smaller number of apps available for their platforms.

With new applications being added to the store every day, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find and discover new content. Of course, users can use the Genius tool to find recommendations, ask friends, or check out Apple’s own new and notable suggestions. Beyond that, application discovery is becoming a more tedious task as every day goes by. With the App Store racing towards its next milestone of 300,000 available apps, what changes would you like to see to the way in which you can find new downloads?

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