Could a New Square iPod Be on the Way?

Ever since Apple (s aapl) announced the date for their upcoming media event a few short days ago, rumors have been circulating regarding what the event could have in store. One rumor seems to have gained a little traction: a redesigned, square iPod.

Apple holds a music-based media event every September, which usually sees Steve Jobs reveal a new line of iPods. This year is expected to be no different, though some also suggest an updated Apple TV, and others predict that we’ll see an update to iTunes. The new square iPod form factor has some physical evidence to back it up, though.

iLounge first spotted images which Chinese iPod case-maker X-Doria claim to be designed for an upcoming fourth-generation iPod touch, and a redesigned iPod nano or iPod shuffle.

The purported iPod touch case clearly has a design to fit a form factor similar to that of the iPhone 4, but it’s the unusual square case also pictured that has sparked debate. The case is of similar proportions to an Apple-branded 1.7-inch touchscreen that surfaced earlier this year. But what iPod could this screen and the square case house — could it be a smaller nano or a bigger shuffle?

Back in 2007, Apple released the third-generation iPod Nano, which boasted a similar square design. Yet after just one year, Apple changed the form factor back to the narrower, rectangular shape. The fifth generation, which saw the introduction of video recording, kept to the same design formula. So would Apple really revert?

The iPod shuffle, which has never had a screen, saw its most radical redesign in 2009. The miniature player lost most of its buttons, with the player controls moved to the headphones. This was not overly popular, due to it requiring users to use special headphones. Maybe Apple is hoping to make up for what many saw as a design blunder.

Personally, I think changes to the iPod nano are indeed more likely. This belief is mainly due to the possible aforementioned touchscreen being utilized, and the fact that the pictured case has a hole on the rear — a space for the camera perhaps?

Whatever changes are in store, we will find out on Sept. 1. What changes would you like to see to the iPod line? Let us know in the comments.

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