App Brings HD YouTube Video Uploads Without Compression

When Apple (s aapl) revealed the iPhone 4 back in June, they were keen to point out the smartphone’s new video recording capabilities. However, despite the device’s newfound video competency, it still fell short when it came to sharing your high-definition content, especially when uploading to YouTube (s goog). A new app sets out to remedy that problem.

Sadly, the novelty of being able to capture your memories in 720p can quickly wear off if you share your clips on YouTube. When you decide to share your video online, the moment you tap that Send to YouTube button, the iPhone 4 will take your clip and compress it. The seemingly unavoidable compression process takes your 720p HD clip and squeezes it down to a lower quality 360p video.

This forced compression has aggravated a fair number of iPhone 4 users, with some even reaching out to CEO Steve Jobs for comment on the matter. With Apple currently offering no alternative other than uploading your clips via a Mac or a PC, one app developer has taken the matter into their own hands.

Drakfyre’s Software recently released a free application called 720tube, which solves the compression problem. The fairly basic — yet functional — utility application works as expected, taking your HD video clips and uploading them to YouTube in the format you originally intended.

The application works in a very similar way to the default Send To YouTube function. You login, select the desired clip you wish to upload, fill in the usual like title and description, then upload. Once complete, your video will be on YouTube in its original 720p HD glory.

The free 2.5MB application can be downloaded from the App Store. Will you be giving it a try?

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