Today in Social

Even though Wired’s hype-mongering cover story, “The Web Is Dead” has been debunked and clarified, it should still provoke some fruitful debate. From a NewNet perspective – that is, involving real-time and social technologies – the article posits that the machine-to-machine communications that drive apps are likely to be controlled in walled-garden environments, dominated by big companies and big media, leaving the free and easy Web for user-generated content. Sure, Apple’s got the most apps – for now. And Google and Facebook are a little schizophrenic when it comes to opening up or locking down technologies. But while I’ve been accused of being an old media apologist and walled garden defender, even I have to admit that the best mash-ups using APIs and social services were built by start-ups. And doesn’t successful social entertainment blend user participation with professional content?