What to Watch Today: HPOA Girl Interview, Mandy Moore vs. Malaria, TEDx Kansas

UN Foundation Live with Mandy Moore; Mandy Moore will join experts for a live, interactive discussion on malaria in Africa. (Ustream 11am)

The 3rd World Tenpin Bowling Association Men’s World Championships; the tournament will feature almost 400 players from record 68 countries, and it will be live-streamed in its entirety, starting with today’s opening ceremony. (Bambuser, 11am)

TEDx Kansas City Live; TEDx is coming back to Kansas City on Thursday with presentations by Dr. Brené Brown, Francis Cholle, Dr. Michael Wesch and Mike McCamon. (Livestream, 6pm)

Stupid For Movies; our own Liz Miller called Stupid For Movies “a live-streamed odyssey in film nerdity.” Tune in to see why. (Ustream, 8pm)

Elyse Porterfield, HOPA Dry Erase Girl Exclusive Interview; CBS got an exclusive interview with the latest viral video star, but still managed to get her acronym wrong. (