iPad is Smarter: Now With Genius!

This morning, as is part of my ritual when waking up, I checked for app updates on both my iPhone and iPad. (Am I the only one who gets excited over app updates?) When doing so on the iPad, I noticed that the Genius feature had been released sometime overnight. As the App Store is web-based in nature, this feature comes automatically, without the need for any update to your device.

The Genius feature, like that already found on iPhone and iPod touch, delivers a listing of apps that you may enjoy, based on your past purchases. The Genius featured on the iPhone has been fairly useful, and I check it from time to time if I’m looking for something new I may have missed in my other searches. When a suggestion isn’t useful, just use the “Not Interested” button to let the App Store know that the app suggested wasn’t your cup of tea.

Unlike the iPhone, the iPad’s Genius feature offers two flavors of suggestions: the kind I mentioned above, which is based on prior purchases, as well as the ‘Upgrades’ view. Upgrades reveals apps that you purchased for iPhone, and which have an iPad equivalent that may be of interest to you. (Obviously this doesn’t matter for apps that are universal between the two devices.)

If you’re looking for some new apps, the search just got a little easier. Fire up Genius in the App Store on your iPad and go find some new apps to plunk down some money on.

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