White iPhone 4 Due to Ship End of July

Apple (s aapl) has announced that the delayed white iPhone 4 will finally start shipping at the end of July.

When the iPhone 4 was originally revealed at WWDC, it was shown in both black and white, however when the anticipated launch date rolled around on the 24th of June, the white iPhone 4 was nowhere to be seen. Apple vaguely stated that the lack of availability of white iPhone 4’s was due to a manufacturing problem, providing little else in the way of detail, and until today Cupertino has said little else on the matter.

At today’s press conference, Steve Jobs took to the stage to clarify the company’s stance on the recent “antennagate” reception problems. However, the press conference also delivered a few other interesting tidbits.

The Apple CEO detailed that the iPhone 4, which has already sold more than three million units, will finally be available in white — with shipments of the white model on track for late July. Jobs also added that once on sale the white model would only be available in limited quantities, with production slowly ramping up as time goes on.

Are you one of those who have been waiting for a white iPhone 4? If so be sure to let us know how your patience is holding out in the comments! Of course, there are always extreme alternatives.