MacHeist Returns: Offers 7 Mac Apps for Less Than $20

Software bundle web site MacHeist has unveiled its latest offer. The ‘nanoBundle2‘ was made public as midnight struck on Wednesday, revealing a range of seven Mac OS X (s aapl) applications.

For those unaware, a typical MacHeist promotion sees a number of Mac applications being made available at a discount rate (sometimes even for free), but only for a limited time. Following a build-up of teasing tweets this past week, the bundle is now available, with the latest collection of software including:

MacJournal (Retail: $39.95)

Writing software, MacJournal, from Mariner Software is an Apple Design Award-winning application that claims to be perfect for any amount of writing, whether that’s just a quick small list, a more detailed blog entry or a full-on book.

RipIt (Retail: $19.95)

RipIt is a simple DVD importing tool from ‘the little app factory.’ The application aims to make the process of importing your DVD collection onto your Mac as simple as it is for CDs. You can even compress your DVDs for portable use on an iPhone.

Clips (Retail: $27)

Ever went to copy something and suddenly stopped, remembering that you may already have something stored on your computers clipboard? Conceited Software is offering clipboard management application, Clips, as the solution to just that problem.

CoverScout (Retail: $39.95)

Equinux’s CoverScout is one of several currently available apps that will take an ever-growing iTunes library, then find and replace any missing cover art. Developers Equinux claim that due to the visual nature of humans, music with no cover art is more likely to be ignored when browsing your collection.

Flow (Retail: $25)

Flow is an FTP client from Extendmac that boasts not just a fresh, clean user interface but also claims to take advantage of the latest OS X technologies. Beyond its basic FTP capabilities, Flow also has live editing and other development tools. It also is an Apple Design Award winner.

Tales Of Monkey Island (Retail: $34.95)

Although currently locked, Telltale Games’ adventure title Tales Of Monkey Island will be unlocked for all MacHeist customers once 50,000 bundles have been sold. Once that goal has been reached, six episodes of pirate based fun will be yours.

RapidWeaver (Retail: $79)

RapidWeaver, the last application in the latest MacHeist bundle, is a web site creation tool from Realmac Software. The application has similarities to that of Apple’s iWeb.

The nanobundle2 is available now for just seven days, so if you were looking to buy any of the above applications now would clearly be a good time. If you were to purchase each of the included applications separately it would cost an excess of $266. So buying through MacHeist not only donates money to charities (over $1.5 million since the heist’s began), but it could also save you up to $246!