10 More Must-have Google Chrome Extensions

Since you liked our list of 10 must-have Google Chrome extensions so much, and seeing as Google (s goog) today released a stable version of Chrome that includes extensions, I’ve decided to share another 10-pack of useful extensions. Many of those in my list are from Google itself for working with its services, while some of the others might be new to you. In any case, they’re all worth a look.

Google Wave Notifier provides quick access to your Google Wave account and displays the number of unread waves you have.

LastPass is a password manager that remembers your usernames and passwords, and lets you add notes about each account, too. It also imports databases from many of the password manager apps available today.

GMail Checker displays the number of new emails in your GMail account.

RSS Subscription Extension is one of the most handy extensions you’ll see — you’re able to subscribe to any site you’re reading with a single click.

Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer displays previews of any PDF files, PPT presentations and many other types of documents in Google Docs Viewer.

Facebook provides quick access to your facebook account in a dropdown window from the toolbar.

Amazon Universal Wishlist is one of my favorites because it allows you to add just about anything you want from any store to your wishlist on Amazon (s amzn).

Google Voice Notifier displays new voicemails in your Google Voice account.

Google Tasks is a quick way to display your Google Tasks.

Google Similar Pages displays similar pages to the one you’re visiting once you click its browser button.

What are your favorite Google Chrome extensions? What extensions would you like to see for Chrome?