Buy Mac Software, Help the Haiti Aid Effort

Indie+ReliefEver since the tragic earthquake struck Haiti last week, people the world over have been generously donating towards the much-needed aid effort. Thankfully, due to several unique and innovative schemes, it has never been easier to make a pledge. One such upcoming program is the Indie+Relief fundraiser, which aims to raise money for the vital relief fund through the sale of certain Mac (s aapl) and iPhone software.

Tomorrow, Jan. 20, Indie+Relief will be taking all of the sale proceedings from a range of applications and be giving them to select charities. The impressive list of applications on offer include the likes of image editor Acorn, MarketCircle’s Billings, cataloging software Delicious Library 2, web statistics manager Ego, FTP client Flow, newsreader Instapaper Pro, to-do list Things, Twitter client Twitterific and many, many more.


The project started only a few days ago and has been made possible due to a joint collaboration between developers Garret Murray and Second Gear. Since they announced the project, a whole host of other developers from the Mac and iPhone community have gotten involved, with the Indie+Relief site now listing over 130 applications. Developers partaking in the fundraising all had the opportunity to select any charity of their choice, all of which will benefit the Haiti aid process. Popular charities include The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF.

If you are in the market to buy any of the listed applications, then be sure to take the plunge this coming Wednesday, as all of the proceeds will go to Haitian aid organizations. And if you’re not, be sure to check out Indie+Relief anyway as you may just find something new!