JavaScript Hack Brings Flash to the iPhone…Sort of

Adobe FlashThe iPhone’s lack of support for Adobe’s Flash platform has been a topic of much debate ever since the smartphone’s 2007 début. However, a recently developed JavaScript work-around successfully manages to get Apple’s popular iPhone running Flash files, without the need to void your warranty by jailbreaking.

The script, which goes by the name of Gordon, was capably developed by Tobias Schneider, a programmer from Munich, Germany. Sadly the small script does not give true fully functional Flash support to the iPhone, as the software only enables Flash files to be displayed within the iPhone’s Safari browser.

However, the hapless and rather weighted shortcomings do not end there, as in order for the script to work correctly, website owners must incorporate Schneider’s code on each and every flash page they want to display correctly on the iPhone. In addition to this, preliminary tests have shown that pages running the new Gordon hack push the iPhone’s central processing unit (CPU) to it’s up-most limits.

Schneider’s freely distributed open-source project, which works thanks to a Flash runtime written in pure JavaScript, unfortunately has its limitations, despite it being admirable and in some ways a successful effort. The restraints in place will stop this nifty piece of code from receiving wide-spread adoption, so don’t expect too many Flash-enabled sites popping up on your iPhone any time soon.

If you want to see Flash in action on your iPhone now, you can. Simply get Safari open and head on over to Paul Irish’s site to give various demos of Gordon a spin. But be warned Adobe’s Flash is one resource-intensive extension which will eat at your iPhone’s battery power in no time.