6 Useful Design Resources for Startups

You no longer need to spend a great sum of money to get your startup off the ground design-wise. You can find some fine deals for things such as new logos, flyers, presentations, marketing campaigns, new web sites –even a new company name. Here are just some of the tools available.

BrandBucket offers some creative ideas for new domain and company names. It’s basically a domain name exchange system that connects the sellers with buyers. You can find deals from under $500 to well over $5,000, depending on the quality of the name and the domain name owner. There’s also a registry of graphic designers that you can hire to create a new logo for you.

Logoease provides a tool that will let you create your own logo for free. Is also offers a low-cost solution via some preferred designers.

Creately allows you to collaborate online to design a diagram and workflow of just about anything you can think of for your business. The free account allows up to three collaborators and unlimited public diagrams. The only catch is that you can’t save private diagrams with the free plan.

iPlotz makes designing your web site or application very easy by allowing group collaboration online with its visual wireframe designing studio. The free account allows one project with unlimited users with up to five pages.

Produle is a way for you to create cool Flash widgets and applications without any Flash development experience and very little expense. Implementing a simple drag n’ drop interface with many pre-made templates, you can come up with some slick elements for your web site or campaign such as a timer countdown to a special launch or event. You can create up to three Flash widgets for free.

Here’s a sample countdown widget I created within minutes for the grand opening of my brother’s new showroom for his home cinema business. Notice how the TV screen changes the images.

Viviti provides an easy platform to build some good looking web sites and blogs quickly. The basic plan offers a free web site with up to ten pages.

These are just some of the available resources out there that can help you with designing or redesigning your web site or just about anything else for your organization. All of them offer some form of free plan to get your feet wet and other plans at economical prices.

Know some other useful design tools? Please share them in the comments.