21 iPhone Puzzle Games to Kill Time With

I think I’ve spent more time playing games on my iPhone than I have on my old Playstation, Playstation 2 or Wii. It simply boils down to the fact that whenever I’m standing around waiting in a line, waiting for the train or in a dentist’s office, I can pull out my phone and have a quick game of something. Having a great choice of games in your pocket means you never need to be bored again while waiting around.

Here are my 21 favorite games to wait around with. The key common features for these games are that they’re quick to start playing and that you can achieve goals quickly with available playtime of as little as a minute. There are no long drawn out strategic battles, epic adventures or quests to get absorbed into.

Aztec Quest

WebsiteiTunes: 99 centsiTunes: Free

My new favorite puzzler, Aztec Quest requires you to get the ball to the destination utilizing the available gadgets with some great physics based puzzles.


WebsiteiTunes: $1.99iTunes: Free

BeeCells is a simple puzzle game where you need to clear the colors by moving at least six of the same colors next to each other. After each turn, more colors appear and its a race to clear cells before they inevitably fill up.

Aurora Fient II: Arena Daemons

WebsiteiTunes: $4.99

Aurora Fient offers an epic level-upping RPG with multi-player (of sorts) game play, based on a simple puzzle clearing game (matching three or more of the same blocks), offering the same gameplay with different twists, power ups and great sounds and graphics. This gives you quick gameplay wins with long gameplay goals to obtain. Aurora Fient costs $4.99 and is easily worth it in my opinion.


WebsiteiTunes: 99 centsiTunes: Free

Toobz is a simple pipe game where you try to get the water to the edge. While the graphics are plain, the game play can be addictive and good fun.


WebsiteiTunes: 99 centsiTunes: Free

Geared presents you with gears you need to layout in the allowed spaces to make the required preset gears rotate.


WebsiteiTunes: 99 centsiTunes: Free

Make the screen one color by flooding the pixels with colors in the least number of moves. The flood always starts in the top left and floods all matching colors.


WebsiteiTunes: 99 centsiTunes: Free

One or more balls will drop from the top, leaving you to guide them to the correct bucket with ropes attached to pegs.

Gravity Sling

WebsiteiTunes: 99 centsiTunes: Free

Send the astronaut back to the space shuttle by flinging him around planets.


WebsiteiTunes: 99 centsiTunes: Free

TanZen is very peaceful and relaxing, aligning up triangles into the silhouetted shape.


iTunes: 99 centsiTunes: Free

In TimeLoop you need to perform multiple actions at once, but you only have one guy. So you need to go back in time to help do all the necessary parts.

Tiki Towers

WebsiteiTunes: 99 centsiTunes: Free

Build bridges and towers by assembling bamboo sticks, so your monkeys can get to where they want to go.

Toople & Topple 2+Plus

WebsiteiTunes Topple 2+Plus: FreeiTunes Topple 1: Free

Stack different shaped blocks and see how high you can go. Topple 2+Plus enables online leaderboards and profiles. Both are now free.


WebsiteiTunes: $1.99
KittyPuzzle is a simple tile sliding game, but with gorgeous kitten pictures to reward you at the end. You can also use your own photos.


WebsiteiTunes: $1.99

Peggle shouldn’t need an introduction, a cross between pinball and color clearing games it is one of the most addictive games ever.

Zen Bound

WebsiteiTunes: $1.99iTunes: Free

Relax and paint objects by covering them with rope. Utilizing the accelerometer and touch screen perfectly, this is one of the best original games for the iPhone.


WebsiteiTunes: $1.99iTunes: Free
Zentomino is the same concept as TanZen, filling the silhouette but with pentomino pieces instead of triangles.


WebsiteiTunes: $1.99iTunes: Free

Orba is a color clearing game, where each game does go on for a while, but is the type of game that can be put down, saves your position and can be instantly picked up to resume clearing to end with the highest score. Simple and addictive.


WebsiteiTunes: 99 cents

Clear the screen by matching various configurations of totems.


WebsiteiTunes: Free

Get the spaceship back to earth by strategically placing black holes, planets or various gadgets to assist.


WebsiteiTunes: 99 centsiTunes: Free

Fill up the screen by making shapes as big as you can in the available area, without letting them be touched by the critters while growing and using the accelerometer to change the direction of gravity to your advantage.

Minesweeper Classic

WebsiteiTunes: 99 centsiTunes: Free

Figure out where the mines are in the field, in a perfect translation of the Windows classic game.