Verizon Tests 10 Gbps to the Home. Yeah, You'll Have to Share

Verizon (s vz) yesterday said it tested a fiber technology in its labs and a customer home that delivered 10 Gbps downstream over its FiOS network and 2.4 Gbps in upload speeds. The technology, called XG-PON, delivers insanely fast speeds and is part of Verizon’s efforts to make its $23 billion investment in fiber grow with the demand for better broadband.

If you read our blog in mid-November, you already knew about this, but we didn’t have details on the standard Verizon was using. The XG-PON standard won’t actually become official until mid-2010. The current Verizon technology is GPON which delivers 2.5 Gbps downstream and 1.2 Gbps upstream. Currently Verizon splits those speeds among about 30 homes. Brian Whitton, executive director of access technologies at Verizon, who originally told us about these tests, explained what people might do with such blazing web connections, which mostly involves better video technologies.

The biggest surprise in the release wasn’t the actual news, since we’d already covered that in part, but that Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei provided the equipment over which Verizon conducted these tests. Looks like Huawei is continuing to move up in the world.

Image courtesy of kainet on Flickr