Send Screencasts & Screencaptures Directly to Twitter With the New Jing

The new version of Jing now allows you to send whatever you capture on screen (either a screen grab or screencast movie) directly to your Twitter stream.

I think adding this option is a good thing, even though sharing Jing captures wasn’t hard to do previously, as it provides a handy shortened URL for the capture for you to paste into Twitter or IM. My only complaint is that this Twitter button doesn’t automatically appear after installing Jing. You have to actually edit the toolbar and add the Twitter button but only after authorizing Jing to access your Twitter account by entering your Twitter PIN. What was that? You didn’t know you had a Twitter PIN? I didn’t either, so don’t feel bad. Fortunately, Jing does provide quick access to a page that reveals your Twitter PIN, which you can then copy and paste.

The first thing you’ll need to do is edit your Sharing button preferences. Right-click the Jing icon in the system tray and select “More,” then click “Preferences” and select “Customize Sharing Buttons.” You will see the following screen:

Click the “New” button and you’ll see a bevy of new choices to add to your toolbar including the Twitter service, Flickr and YouTube (available to Pro accounts only). To add Twitter click the Get twitter PIN button which will let you authorize Jing to access your Twitter account. Just copy and paste the pin number and click authorize to complete the process.

Here’s what you’ll see after you’ve captured an image or movie sequence and saved it to your local computer or online with the new Jing.

When you click the Twitter button you’ll see the following screen, where you can enter your message and send it to Twitter, along with a shortened URL for your new screen capture or screencast movie.

What’s your favorite screencasting tool?