The New Lazyfeed Adds Real-time Updates to Your News Feeds

Lazyfeed has relaunched itself with an emphasis on making things even easier for you and, thus, making you even lazier (to use its own terminology). Topic-based readers (a subject we’ve written about before) have become popular of late, but Lazyfeed appears to be gaining the most attention. This latest update improves its real-time results.

The biggest change brings a dynamic real-time look and feel to the experience as your topics automatically update themselves. (You no longer need to click them.) That might not seem like a big deal, but if you track many different topics that adds up to a lot of clicks over the course of time.

The question will be whether or not you like this busier activity. When Friendfeed added its real-time updates feature earlier this year, many of its users complained about it being too active. The answer was a simple pause button option that allowed you to freeze all updates until you felt all caught up. I think Lazyfeed will need to add the same pause button feature.

Personally, I love it. I think the sooner we get the news and information, the better. I think services such as Lazyfeed and are on the right track. They are ushering in a new era in news readers. We’re no longer restricted to just the RSS feeds that we’ve manually subscribed to or even who we follow on Twitter — by simply adding the topics we’re interested in tracking, we’re able to keep on top of the latest news in real time.

Do you like the new Lazyfeed update? Is it too busy for you?