HTC's You Ads Pwn Yahoo's You

HTC, the white label phone maker, lest it upset its carrier customers, has stayed away from advertising its products. No more — as a company with ambitions to become a major player in the smartphone business, HTC recently unveiled a new campaign for its touchscreen smartphones, many of them powered by Google’s (s GOOG) Android OS. These include devices such as Sprint Hero and T-Mobile’s myTouch. Google’s G1 and G2 are two other models rolled out by HTC in the market.


The company is rolling out its first global advertising push, the YOU campaign, across 20 countries in the coming weeks. Its tag line: “You don’t need to get a phone. You need a phone that gets you.” This campaign is simple, elegant, emotional, and actually gets the message across. In comparison, the You ad campaign by Yahoo (s YHOO) is a disaster.