Today in Connected Consumer

Verizon’s new Android-powered Droid better get busy if it means to catch the iPhone. It was clear from Apple’s earnings report yesterday that iPhone sales are not slowing down, despite whispers that supply-chain issues involving 3G wireless modules might put the breaks on the iPhone 3GS. Instead, iPhone sales grew 7 percent in the quarter, leading Apple to record revenue and earnings. Shares of Apple (AAPL) zoomed off the launch pad this morning. At this point, Apple’s biggest worry is more likely to be managing expectations than competition. Steve Jobs issued a statement saying, “We’ve got a very strong lineup for the holiday season and some really great new products in the pipeline for 2010,” which most people took as a coy reference (does Jobs issue any other kind?) to the long-rumored iTablet. Added bonus for fan boys: Apple’s earnings news could big foot Microsoft, which is supposed to have some sort of news this week.